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"Ya Gotta Kiss a Lot of Frogs Before Ya Find Good Fic"
What I Read Today: Djinanna's Fanfic Revue
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29th-Jan-2006 06:26 pm - fandom(s): SGA
*waves* Hey, I'm back!! Did ya miss me?! (note continued after boxed rec)

fandom :: Stargate Atlantis
pairing/characters :: n/a; John/Rodney if you squint very lightly ... Sheppard, Weird, Simpson, Zelenka, Beckett, Cadman, Lorne, Ronon, Teyla, assorted central casting, and Rodneysaur! *rrarr*
name :: Twenty Four Hours With a Rodneysaur, Or Blame Spaggel
author/LJ :: maryavatar
summary :: (from spaggel's original fic request, linked above) "I NEED a fic were Rodney is turned into a tiny stuffed dinosaur and is all "FEAR ME *RAWR*" but they either ignore him, because they cannot see him as he is a foot tall, or hold him and cuddle him and poke his little belly. <3<3<3 ... AND JOHN TAKES HIM TO BED WITH HIM, TO EAT THE MONSTERS UNDER HIS BED."
why this MUST be read :: It's funny, it's cute, it's the kind of silly-yet-serious crackfic that SGA fandom does so tremendously well. It's brand new! Rodney is a wee little dinosaur. There is *cuddling* and *tiny wee fangs and claws* and (totally innocent) *water sports*! Also cupcakes, broccoli, and meatballs. *hee*
warnings :: Not really, so long as you engage your sense of humor before reading.
quote :: "Oh, it's terrible," Zelenka said, pushing his glasses up. "The device we have been using to transform seaweed into edible vegetation... Simpson was..." Zelenka waved his arms and said something John was fairly sure meant 'filled with vengeance'. "Rodney was being... himself. Even more than usual." John winced. "Simpson made a tiny mistake, and he overreacted, and so she..." Zelenka pointed at the travel case that the electron microscope from the biolab had come in. It was rattling, as if something inside was moving. John walked over to look in the box, while Elizabeth concentrated on Zelenka.
link again :: *click here*
supplemental materials :: Spaggel links to various illustrations and other stories (which I need to go read now) that will keep the funny roaring...

Never fear, the fancy formatting is only for this post; I'll go back to something simpler in future. But I just wanted to kinda break the ice - I've been procrastinating and stalling and delaying and am now just gonna force myself to start posting recs again.

I have a *huge* backlog of recs that I'll be slowly going through and posting here, as well as whatever I'm reading at any given moment. Lots of Xander-centered Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series and McKay-centered Stargate Atlantis fic, plus many other fandoms and pairings. Mostly slash, but with gen and het sprinkled on top.

And I'm gonna go back to my old habit of listing and linking to whatever I'm reading at the moment. I'm also exploring how to use del.icio.us to better keep up with the changing links. Hints, tips, comments, requests, conversation are all welcome but not obligatory.
14th-Dec-2004 01:15 am - space holder #2
space holder #2

space under construction

nothing to see here (yet)

move along, now
16th-Aug-2004 12:11 am - Watch This Space
MargoLane-ish Lempicka (amyzon)
Resumption of recs & revues planned in the very near future.

Will probably try a new format. If anybody's out there and awake (unlike me right now), I'd be interested in hearing about what you look for in a rec, what information you want to have, what information you don't care about, etc. Just out of curiosity.

Okay, you can stop watching now. Move along, nothing more to see. (Unless you're leaving a comment.)
6th-Jan-2004 05:21 pm - Wow!!!
Dance - Alphonse Mucha
I thought the idea for The Rec Room was okay, that maybe a few people would join, but--

Wow. I posted the first notice an hour ago and there's already 20 people listed as watching it, with 17 registered as posting members.

The majority of whom aren't on either my friends or friends-of list.


Where'd you all come from? Not that I'm complaining or anything. I'm just tickled. I guess that answers the age-old question "Is anybody reading this?"

Just -- *neat*!

the_rec_room: We Take Requests

[ Edited to add ... this was intended for djinanna, not djinanna_recs. But ditto, anyway! ]
6th-Jan-2004 05:11 pm - A kind-of rec...
Bridesmaid - Sir John Evrt Millais *JP*
New community: the_rec_room: We Take Requests

It's past time for a community where people could go when they had an itch for a certain fic subgenre or a certain pairing or whatever, and *request* some recs that would scratch that itch. And where people who'd read a particular fic and then lost it but wanted to reread it (especially those elusive WsIP), could ask for some help finding the story again.

So I created it.

Multi-fandom, open membership, every style, every genre, every fandom, every pairing, you think of it, it's okay. I just ask that people play nice and stay generally on-topic.

Please pimp. Pimpage is good.

New-ish journal: recsrainbow: Fanfic recs in every color of the rainbow
Recs Rainbow is a storehouse for links to fanfic recommendation pages, as well as a place that will advertise your recs site every time you update it.

Recommendation pages for fics of every theme are welcome. To get listed here, please send me an email.
from the User Info page

When will I update here with new recs? Here's my New Year Resolution for this journal: I'll get back on a regular update schedule here by the end of this month.
Bridesmaid - Sir John Evrt Millais *JP*
So, with the help of a sortable table in my word processing program, I was able to quickly "combine the days' reading by fandom and make one post per fandom", which was the winning vote on the poll. (See previous post.) There will be 6 posts in all (most of them tomorrow, most likely) and then I'll be caught up. This first post takes care of the "orphans" -- the fandoms where I'd only read one or two stories in the past 15 days. Oddly enough, I haven't read anything in Highlander, X-Files, or Stargate, among other (neglected) fandoms.

Andromeda: Harper

The Cultural Hostage Exchange Program, part 3 *WIP*
by OtherCat (othercat) Dirty Little Secrets
Previous parts: part 1 ... part 2
AU ... OC continues this intriguing story, with young Earth rebel Harper as a "guest" on the Andromeda Ascendant -- which is controlled in this AUniverse by Admiral Tyr Anasazi. In this installment, Harper and Eleanor (his "babysitter") get to know one another a little better. No, not that way, this is *gen* so far. There's the flavor of a Heinlein juvenile about this piece, though according to the author, it may venture into slash territory in later chapters. *very recommended*

It Was a Dark and Stormy Universe: Tesseracts and You: An Operator's Manual, part 1 *WIP*
by OtherCat (othercat) Dirty Little Secrets
Future!fic *and* AU ... according to OC, this is a future prequel (or maybe prologue?) to the above-mentioned piece. Gold!Trance and older-sadder-Harper discuss strategies. Harper suggests a new variant. I've seen the first draft of the next section (and it's been posted since then but I haven't had time to reread it) and it's shivery-inducing. I may be an easy audience for good Harper characterization, though. Definitely darker in tone than the companion piece, though. *very recommended*

NOTE: In the interests of full disclosure, I should let you know that I'm kinda acting as a beta for these stories.

Crossover: Smallville xo Muppets

Lovers and Dreamers
by Alexia Eve
With cameo mention of The Spectacles!!! This humor piece is absolutely adorable. I can see why it got rec'd all over my friends page. Written in the surreal style of the original Muppet Show, where humans and puppets interact as though it's normal. It also captures the simultaneous over-the-top and dry sense of humor from the show. It made me *ache* to have it back. **definitely recommended**

Everwood: Bright/Ephram

Through the Wire, part 6 *WIP*
by Miss Windy (misswindy)
Previous parts linked at top of story post. This lovely after-graduation story continues the story of Ephram and Bright living together in Boston. When I first saw the possibilities of Ephram/Bright as a pairing, *this* is what I had in mind. The author stays true to both characters (and to the rest of the cast, in true-to-the-show flashbacks as well as the occasional phone call home to the folks) and still makes their romance believable. Ephram is still the brat!prince drama queen of the show, Bright is still awkward and not the sharpest knife in the drawer. But neither is reduced to caricature -- Ephram is also sensitive and caring, and Bright is also vulnerable yet strong in his own way. And the author captures tone and pitch of the other cast members -- Andy, Harold, and the others "back home in Everwood" -- and their interdynamics wonderfully. Watch this show!!! Read this fic!!! **I'm thinking that's a big "yes" in the recommended column**
29th-Jun-2003 03:35 pm - ... poll by proxy ...
Bridesmaid - Sir John Evrt Millais *JP*
No, I haven't forgotten about this journal.

I've just been having some serious Real Life interface time combined with struggles over my new DSL connection. That is really seriously on probation at this point because, after several lengthy Tech Support calls, I still can't post comments on LiveJournal through it. But I can through my old AOL connection. So, I'm thinking that sounds like a DSL/EarthLink kinda problem, not a LiveJournal problem, ya?

But that's not the point. I've been keeping my Fic Reading Notes faithfully -- 15 days worth, which, if you've been following this journal, means a lot of fanfic has been read. So, I've made a poll. Because I'm procrastinating on formatting the notes for posting, but also because I'm honestly not sure which way to go on this rather lengthy update.

The poll is posted over at djinanna, not here. So, if you care about how I format this catch-up Revue update (which could go as long as 15+ posts), please weigh in with your opinion. You can fill out the poll here.

Thank you kindly.

Have a nice day.
22nd-Jun-2003 02:10 am - PSA
Bridesmaid - Sir John Evrt Millais *JP*
Haven't dropped off the earth -- yet.

Busy week, busier weekend. Some details can be found over in djinanna if interested.

Have continued to keep notes about What I Read Each Day, which await only some additional comments and formatting.

Probably won't be able to get to it until tomorrow evening.

Expect spammy glut of Revue postings on Monday and Tuesday.

That is all -- I return you now to your regularly scheduled Friends List.

Past bedtime for me.
Bridesmaid - Sir John Evrt Millais *JP*
Yippee! Caught up to today's reading list. Go me!

Crossover: The Sentinel xo Stargate SG-1
Back Up Plan
by Dangermouse (dmouse)
AU -- "What if Blair had another option when things started to go wrong between him and Jim over the diss -- and Alex?" I've been kinda rough on this author here, yet I always end up reading her new stuff. Why? Because she writes long stories, with plots, and I can always skim past the sex scenes. And because my hunger for Sentinel stories far outstrips the supply of new fic coming out. On the other hand, this is the second story by her that I've read where big mean Jim and Jack have driven faultless Blair and Daniel (who are old old friends'n'lovers) into each others' arms for hot'n'heavy comfort sex. Okay, this is the author's kink, she's very upfront in believing that Blair and Daniel are soulmates, even if they each love somebody else. So, from the standpoint that an author should be free to write her kinks and to please herself first, I can't fault it. But from the standpoint of *my* kinks, this is just so not my thing. There's a touch of wee!Blair going on, and a few too many "you're beautiful", "no, you're beautiful" exchanges. The Daniel in my head isn't a big slut, either. And there's a strong fairy godmother/dues ex machina sense to how everything turns out so conveniently and well for the main characters. If the fandoms or the pairings interest you, then you need to judge for yourself.

Due South: Fraser/Kowalski
What If
by shedoc
Author summary: What if Ray V came in from the cold before COTW? How do I love this story? Let me count the ways ... Dief (and the "who's taking care of the wolf" question) is remembered at all crucial points ... Vecchio is treated with respect and not turned into a homophobic jerk. What's not to love? RayK's dialect -- the "dese, dats, and deres" approach that, yeah, is a South Sider accent but a pain to have to read (thus spaketh the North Sider). What I don't get is why the author goes with the "dese, dats, and deres" thing in this more recent story when earlier stories (see below for titles) don't have this irritating dialect thingee. Stella-bashing (though, since I'm not familiar with source, it's possible that she deserves it and I'm just not aware of it). Some underwritten segments, especially pre-relationship angst, Vecchio's homecoming, Kowalski's return to duty, and a few other sections ... they felt rushed, like there was more that could've been/needed to be said there. Overall, the good stuff far outweighs the, um, less-good. **recommended**

Due South: Fraser/Kowalski
Mechanic at Stony Creek
Family at Stony Creek
Crisis at Stony Creek

by shedoc
I've read the first two installments before and enjoyed them. Post-CotW, Fraser and RayK go back to their separate countries after their quest for the Hand of Franklin. Then Ray gets injured (severely) in the line of duty and moves to Canada -- but without telling Fraser what's happened. He settles in the town of Stony Creek as the town mechanic (taking over from the previous mechanic who is retiring and who he'd befriended during the quest). Bad things happen and Fraser gets reassigned to Stony Creek. Rocky reunion, then life continues from there, to use Ray's words, "in the context of crazed weasels". *snicker* I just love that phrase. The moment when the two first declare their love for one another is a bit overly melodramatic, and their pet names for one another are a bit on the gooey side, but I seem to remember sobbing along the first time I read it. I admit it, I'm a sap sometimes. Lots of Dief here, treated well, plus a strong supporting cast made up of a mixed back of familiar-from-canon and original characters. Action, adventure, and Turnbull! *recommended*
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