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"Ya Gotta Kiss a Lot of Frogs Before Ya Find Good Fic"
What I Read Today: Djinanna's Fanfic Revue
What I Read Lately (6/15-29) - AND, EV, XO 
29th-Jun-2003 11:34 pm
Bridesmaid - Sir John Evrt Millais *JP*
So, with the help of a sortable table in my word processing program, I was able to quickly "combine the days' reading by fandom and make one post per fandom", which was the winning vote on the poll. (See previous post.) There will be 6 posts in all (most of them tomorrow, most likely) and then I'll be caught up. This first post takes care of the "orphans" -- the fandoms where I'd only read one or two stories in the past 15 days. Oddly enough, I haven't read anything in Highlander, X-Files, or Stargate, among other (neglected) fandoms.

Andromeda: Harper

The Cultural Hostage Exchange Program, part 3 *WIP*
by OtherCat (othercat) Dirty Little Secrets
Previous parts: part 1 ... part 2
AU ... OC continues this intriguing story, with young Earth rebel Harper as a "guest" on the Andromeda Ascendant -- which is controlled in this AUniverse by Admiral Tyr Anasazi. In this installment, Harper and Eleanor (his "babysitter") get to know one another a little better. No, not that way, this is *gen* so far. There's the flavor of a Heinlein juvenile about this piece, though according to the author, it may venture into slash territory in later chapters. *very recommended*

It Was a Dark and Stormy Universe: Tesseracts and You: An Operator's Manual, part 1 *WIP*
by OtherCat (othercat) Dirty Little Secrets
Future!fic *and* AU ... according to OC, this is a future prequel (or maybe prologue?) to the above-mentioned piece. Gold!Trance and older-sadder-Harper discuss strategies. Harper suggests a new variant. I've seen the first draft of the next section (and it's been posted since then but I haven't had time to reread it) and it's shivery-inducing. I may be an easy audience for good Harper characterization, though. Definitely darker in tone than the companion piece, though. *very recommended*

NOTE: In the interests of full disclosure, I should let you know that I'm kinda acting as a beta for these stories.

Crossover: Smallville xo Muppets

Lovers and Dreamers
by Alexia Eve
With cameo mention of The Spectacles!!! This humor piece is absolutely adorable. I can see why it got rec'd all over my friends page. Written in the surreal style of the original Muppet Show, where humans and puppets interact as though it's normal. It also captures the simultaneous over-the-top and dry sense of humor from the show. It made me *ache* to have it back. **definitely recommended**

Everwood: Bright/Ephram

Through the Wire, part 6 *WIP*
by Miss Windy (misswindy)
Previous parts linked at top of story post. This lovely after-graduation story continues the story of Ephram and Bright living together in Boston. When I first saw the possibilities of Ephram/Bright as a pairing, *this* is what I had in mind. The author stays true to both characters (and to the rest of the cast, in true-to-the-show flashbacks as well as the occasional phone call home to the folks) and still makes their romance believable. Ephram is still the brat!prince drama queen of the show, Bright is still awkward and not the sharpest knife in the drawer. But neither is reduced to caricature -- Ephram is also sensitive and caring, and Bright is also vulnerable yet strong in his own way. And the author captures tone and pitch of the other cast members -- Andy, Harold, and the others "back home in Everwood" -- and their interdynamics wonderfully. Watch this show!!! Read this fic!!! **I'm thinking that's a big "yes" in the recommended column**
1st-Jul-2003 10:18 pm (UTC)
*waits, patiently, for BtVS post*

*huggles you*

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